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Dan Steven: Music

Spiderman (unplugged)

(Dan Steven)

Spiderman, he is my man
He’s always there when I need him
Spiderman, he does what he can
Just as long as I feed him
Spiderman, he likes spaghetti and cheese
After a day of crime-fighting
He swings to my apartment
And we shoot the breeze
And he takes off faster than lightning

Batman’s got his Robin in the rain
But that’s nothing compared to my pasta
Superman, he has got Lois Lane
And Bob Marley, maan, he’s got his Rasta
Wonderwoman, who needs your umbilical chef
Spiderman, he’s the best pal a young aspiring chef could get
The best one yet

Don’t give Spidey no more coffee
Because he only wants whiskey and wine
Don’t you give him no plate that is sloppy
‘Cause he only wants the finest of fine
Don’t you give him your birthday leftovers
‘Cause he only wants the things that are mine

I am his Chef Boy Ardee, 10 - 4, New York City
And he’s the best crime-fighter of all time

Go Spidey, go Spidey, go Spidey go
Go Spidey, go Spidey, go Spidey go
Go Spidey, go Spidey, go Spidey go ...