1. Heaven Hear Me

From the recording Beggars and Kings

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Heaven Hear Me

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Heaven Hear Me

Heaven, heaven hear me; heaven, heaven hear me
Heaven, heaven hear me; heaven, heaven hear me

Some people are kind, some people are cruel
Some people have minds, some people choose to play the fool
Some people are blind, some people see straight
Shadows of human kind, playing the game of fate, the game of fate

Heaven, heaven hear me; heaven hear me, heaven ...

So tell me who made the rule, who made the rule
That’s gonna cast me on out and call you the king of cool, yeah
Who is the fool, yeah who is the fool
When what goes around comes back around
I’m not trying to set a trend
I’m only trying to find a friend
Who will take the chance of being real in a world of Styrofoam

Heaven, heaven hear me; heaven hear me heaven ...

Some people are big, some people are small
Some people are short, some people are tall
Some people got to have it all to be satisfied
The waves will rise, the waves will fall
You’ll soar to the skies, or you’ll choose to crawl
Some day you’re gonna have to conform or be crucified
Some people are fake, some people are real
Some people can’t think, some people can’t feel
Some people can’t be themselves till the day they die, day they die

Heaven, heaven hear me; heaven .....

Some people give you what you ask, some people close their eyes
Some people leave their daily task in search of paradise
For thirty pieces of silver some will nail you to a cross
And for love, yeah for love, some will die

Heaven, heaven hear me; hear me hear me ..... HEAR ME