Eulogy by Kim Phillips

Eulogy for Dan Steven, December 9, 2002 Kim Philips, Dan’s Aunt What an honour it is speak on behalf of my family today. It is truly a privilege to pay tribute to Dan. Daniel Christopher Steven, Musician, Poet, Author, Philosopher. An awesome individual, who fought valiantly to overcome a brain tumour. Dan accomplished much in these past three and a half years. He recorded his first CD, Beggars and Kings all while undergoing Chemo and Radiation. He held several concerts, one at the ICS Conference in Thamesford and another at The University of Toronto. These were two major concerts, however, Dan held concerts just about everyday of his life. He busked on the streets of various cities, provinces and even countries. Dan also traveled to Jerusalem. In early spring of this year, Dan, began recording his second CD, Voices from God, a gift dropped from heaven. He persevered re recording phrases to get it just right... having language difficulties at this point. He did this for us. He did this for God. Dan's love for Christ was evident whenever he spoke or sang. He ministered and witnessed his faith and beliefs by example. One Christmas after gift giving Dan searched downtown London looking for a. particular friend. He found him. His friend, however, was not receptive to Dan on this particular day. It was Christmas and he was depressed. He did not want to talk to Dan. He did not want Dan's Jesus. Dan went to Victoria Park and prayed. He searched the streets again looking for this friend. Dan found him once again. This time he convinced this friend to have a coffee with him to celebrate Dan's birthday. At the coffee shop they chatted for awhile, then Dan gave all of his Christmas presents to this friend. Everything!! Sweaters, shirts, socks, underwear. This is only one occasion of Dan's selfless love for others. Countless times Dan took people home with him to eat and sleep. Dan was there for my own son and has been the best friend one could ever ask for. Dan uplifted and energized souls through his music. He had an incredible amount of talent. I still find it amazing that Dan wrote all of the music and lyrics in his head. He never wrote one word down. He truly let the Holy Spirit into his soul and let its power flow through him. Dan used his incredible gift of music to witness his love and faith for Jesus Christ. He was never afraid to be himself or to share what he believed with the world. He challenged the world to change. He challenged people to love. Dan was a lover of much. He loved his family. He loved his friends. He loved nature. He loved music. He loved the streets. He loved the angels. He loved to dance. Most of all, he loved God. It was truly a privilege and an honour to care for Dan in the final weeks of his illness. Dan didn't complain once during his debilitating disease. He fought determinedly at times to maintain independence while graciously accepting our help when the time came. His sense of humour never faltered, making a difficult journey one filled with joyous moments. Dan's smiles lit up an entire room. His laughter was music to our ears. Dan was at peace. He said its Ramadan. Pilgrimage home to God. Bruce Cockburn sent Dan a CD with an autographed inscription, Dan from one songwriter to another wishing you peace and smooth sailing into the arms of the boundless. Imagine Dan's awe when he came face to face with his creator and felt himself wrapped in that incredible love. All of his spiritual dreams came true...... lead the way, Dan! We will be all together again, Dancing!

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